Thousands Continue Their Athletic Careers at Iowa Private Colleges

Thousands of Iowa high school athletes find they can continue their athletic careers at Iowa’s private colleges and universities.

“As we looked at our member institutions’ competitive athletic teams for the most recent year, we counted 4,077 Iowa students on their rosters in 19 sports,” said Gary Steinke, President of the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (IAICU). “Competing at the collegiate level is a dream for a lot of players but it really is achievable at Iowa private colleges for a remarkable number of students,” Steinke said.

The IAICU represents 25 colleges and universities in the state, 22 of which have men’s and women’s athletic programs. Steinke noted football draws the largest number of Iowa players with 793 Iowans, followed by men’s and women’s track and field with 701 Iowans and men’s and women’s soccer with 448.

Athletics programs also draw talented young people from across the U.S. In football, for example IAICU member rosters totaled 1,972 players with 793 from Iowa, 334 from Illinois, 111 from California, 103 from Texas and 93 from Missouri. Across all sports, 9,560 student athletes from all states participated in 19 sports at IAICU member colleges and universities.

“Football, volleyball, softball, baseball, track and field, cross country, golf, wrestling, tennis, swimming, bowling and others are all sports where Iowa high school students can continue their sports careers at a private college or university. The same is true for other activities students love, like music, drama and dance,” said Steinke. “And most important is the fact these students are also pursuing their academic careers at institutions with very low student-to-faculty ratios, very high graduation rates, very high post-graduation placement rates, and generous financial aid packages,” Steinke concluded.

High school students are encouraged to find out more about both sports and academic opportunities during Iowa Private College Week, August 1-5. IAICU member colleges and universities synchronize campus tour schedules across the entire state during that week. To register for visits or for more information, go to

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