Tuition Just Became More Affordable!

Your Opportunity to Explore College

We're proud of the 25 private colleges the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities represents in our state. We're equally as proud of the opportunities Iowa high school students have to qualify for the Iowa Tuition Grant. 

This money is set aside specifically for Iowa students attending an Iowa private college. Because a grant is free money, qualifying recipients never have to pay it back!

How Much Is Available?

The current maximum allocation per student, per academic year is $6,000. This money can be a game changer for many families balancing the cost of college tuition. 

For many students, it reduced tuition to an amount equal to or even less than that of a public institution. This is why the Iowa Tuition Grant is so important and why you shouldn't leave money on the table. Learn more about the Iowa Tuition Grant and whether your family qualifies. 

Paying For College