Preparing for College

There’s no denying that college course work demands your student's full attention. It’s a balance of independence, self-motivation and staying focused.

Lots of high school students wonder if they have what it takes to not just get into a college, but to do well and earn a degree.

As your student prepares for college, encourage them to:

  • Maintain good grades
  • Stay involved in extra-curricular activities
  • Get help and find resources if you struggle with a class
  • Attend Iowa Private College Week
  • Meet with his or her school counselor regularly to ensure they are on track to meet the course requirements to both graduate and get in to the colleges that interest them.

With so many options and college brochures coming in the mail, it can be confusing. Who can you and your student talk to about college conversations?

  1. Start with the high school counselor. Schedule time to chat about  the colleges that have majors matching your student's interests.
  2. Talk with neighbors, coworkers and people in the profession they are interested in; ask them why they made the college choice they did. Their choice might not be right for your student, but understanding the journey will help them.
  3. As a parent, you are a great sounding board. Bring up the conversation at dinner or in the car when you have their full attention. Have a candid discussion early on about paying for college. Do you expect them to work while in college? Are you willing to attend college tours with your student?
  4. Search online. Research colleges and email the college admissions teams to get solid answers to your questions.

It's so important to stay on track as your student journeys to college by following the College Checklist for high school students.

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