College Life, What to Expect

College Life, What to Expect

Prepare for Change!

You can expect a change! This is a new time in your life and one that should be welcomed, not feared.

Prepare for distractions. These are everywhere. From your smartphone to the television to the students down the hall, you can expect to deal with noises and technology that wants to pull you away from your studies. Most students find a personal quiet place or schedule in time where they “unplug” to ensure distractions don’t affect their grades.

Expect it to be harder than high school.

You need to manage your free time. Successful students use their time wisely. Don’t waste valuable time. A bus ride may be enough time to listen to a lecture recording, lunchtime is long enough to catch up on a textbook chapter, and working out on the treadmill is the perfect time to review flash cards before a test.

Find your preferred study tool. College = Deadlines. Managing schedules and important due dates keeps students on pace. Determine the best methods for managing a schedule. Whether it’s a planner, your tablet or phone, constant reminders and alerts can help ensure no class or assignment slips through the cracks.

Sleep is golden. The transition to a more rigorous lifestyle can leave some students sleep deprived. Successful students understand the value of a good night’s sleep to be alert and engaged in class. But, when studying gets in the way, take advantage of down time with a power nap.

Class attire isn’t runway fashion! Get comfortable because college is all about early classes and studying. Students wear sweatpants or jeans and t-shirts to class and oftentimes no makeup. You might even see slippers in the classroom.

Campus visits give you one-on-one time with professors, admissions teams and financial aid departments. But they also can give you a sense of what it might feel like to be a student on that college campus. Even better, schedule an overnight stay at any of Iowa’s private colleges to get the full experience!

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